The impact of educational background on employment

  Diplomas are different for different types of people.
  First, for most people who have just graduated or graduated in a few years, a diploma should be said to be important! Because it's a career stepping stone. Why is that? Because you have no other information to prove yourself, the company faces myriad candidates and is nowhere to be seen, and diplomas act as a screening mechanism.
  Second, different diploma represents at least: certain professional basis, certain intelligence level, certain high school learning attitude, certain school atmosphere. A company that is willing to pay a lot of money for a needle in a haystack may not be bad for the company. A boss with a deep understanding of China's education system should understand that it is better to spend some of the cost without having a diploma. But for only a less glamorous diploma of young people, companies don't have the time and manpower to remove to a pearl in the ocean, the cost is too high, so I had to use the diploma screen out all of the people. There's a manslaughter, but efficient, that's what the company has to calculate.
  So we really need a good degree, so that at least when we graduate from college, we can have a better choice. So how do you get a good degree? Not only need to rely on hard work, interested friends can talk to me privately.or you can click on



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